The Sill
Ecommerce Website︎

Role: Art direction, Design & UX
Studio: Wondersauce
Year: 2017
Ecommerce Website︎
Role: Design & UX
100 Days of Type and Color
As part of the 100 Day Project, I made a piece every day under the theme of typography and color experimentation. See them all︎
Role: Lettering & Layout
Studio: Personal project
Year: 2015
Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group
Website, App & Booking Experince
Role: Website & App Design
Studio: Wondersauce
Year: 2016-2017
A7 Design Awards
AIGA KC Anual Design Competition & Exhibition Identity Wath the awards show opener︎
Role: Art Direction, Visual Identity, Printed Collateral, Animation
Studio: Liquid 9
Year: 2011
Rise Brewing Co.
Ecommerce Website︎
Role: Design
Studio: Freelance
Year: 2018

Jay Rock—Follow Me Home
Album Artwork
Role: Art Direction & Desgin
Studio: Liquid 9
Year: 2011
Various Logos & Identity
Role: Logo & Identity Design
Studio: Freelance & Liquid 9
Year: 2011-2017
Stat News
Publication Website 

Role: Design
Studio: Wondersauce
Year: 2015
Visual Identity, Website, App & Product

Role: Visual Identity, Website, App, Product & UX Design
Studio: In-house at Animoto
Year: 2012-2015
Addy Awards
American Advertising Awards KC Identity
Role: Art Direction, Visual Identity, Printed Collateral
Studio: Liquid 9
Year: 2011
Liquid Patterns: A Year of Drinks & Pees
Interested in why I pee so much, I decided to pursue an experiment using my love of documenting and information graphics.
Role: Infographic Design
Studio: Personal Project
Year: 2010
Ampersand Magazine
A student-initiated news-magazine for the Kansas City Art Institute. For the third issue, the theme was about change, progress, and motion—so we made an ampersand machine for the cover that embodies this.
Collaboration with Laura Berglund︎

Role: Cover Design, Paper Cut Out
Studio: Freelance
Year: 2010
Unusual Behavior
Kansas City Art Institute Graphic Design Senior Show Identity
Role: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Printed Collateral
Studio: Freelance
Year: 2010
Merch & Posters for Various Music Artists
Role: Lettering & Illustration, Merch, Poster Desgin
Studio: Liquid 9
Year: 2010–2012
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